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When My Responses Don’t Measure Up to Textbook Answers

“LIFE SUCKS,” she says at the door, a line not found in the greeter’s handbook. My mental rolodex spins, looking for the proper response. What comes out is straight from my gut “Sometimes it does, yes,” a line not found … Continue reading

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Seeing the Divine Hand in Things

I will not tell this story well. I’ll try, but it’s one of those “you had to be there” things. Still I feel a need to share it. Some former writing teacher of mine will read what I’ve just written, … Continue reading

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Snippets/Megan Willome, non-violence and more

MEGAN WILLOME, fellow-writer-I-met-in-cyberspace-and-got-to-meet-in-person-at-Laity-Lodge, devoted an entire post to her reflections on my car wash thoughts in “Poetry with Marilyn Yocum.” (It’s really weird to see your own name pop up on Feedly.) I was honored! Plus, I learned more about what … Continue reading

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