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The Fine Balance btw Social Interaction and Writing

Two things I don’t want as the refrains of my life: “I’m so tired” and “I don’t have enough time.” The first, I had a friend who said it not occasionally but constantly which, had it been me, I’d have … Continue reading

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Conversations I Never Expected to Have

IN A DREAM, I ran into Sandy in an airport. It was all so happenstance. I was walking through the crowd, looking for the people I’d come with, and an airline employee handed me something he thought I’d dropped. It … Continue reading

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When Things are Broken and it’s Mother’s Day

I really don’t know what to do when things are broken and Mother’s Day creeps up and everywhere are photos and flowers and gatherings and sunshine. I don’t know what to do, except wait for Monday. Books have been arriving … Continue reading

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