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BEST thing I read this week had the word ‘listen’ in it 4 times

BIG week. Busy week. Noisy week. Sad week. Week of words hateful and horrible, but also things thoughtful, prayerful and powerful, life-giving. We are all in need of care and knowledge of what to do. The best, most helpful thing … Continue reading

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An Inappropriate Joke is Told in Sunday School

AN INAPPROPRIATE JOKE was told in the middle of a very good lesson I cannot now recall. I can’t recall the joke either, only that it was inappropriate, and that I felt blindsided, unprepared to respond, unsure it was my place, … Continue reading

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I Don’t Know My Role

The line “I don’t know my role” is hovering, so I’m going with it. I’ll put it before all of you and see what you have to say. FIRST TIME I SAW the neon orange blanket in the park it appeared as … Continue reading

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