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The Small Hutch

THE SMALL HUTCH in the kitchen is more than just a small hutch. It’s the small hutch I won at auction when a woman who could have afforded more stopped bidding so I could have it. I barely knew her, … Continue reading

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Clinging to Routine

We cling to routine like hands grip a lifeboat, even though the storm is past, objects on the horizon grow larger and our feet can touch bottom again. Dinner at five-thirty, grocery shopping on Thursdays, Sunday lunch, always the same. … Continue reading

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A Birthday with the Refugees

THE ART THERAPIST comes to class, bringing felt squares and embroidery floss, and my long-gone grandmother whispers, “French knots for the flowers.” Against a backdrop of voices from around the world, I thread a needle and am carried off. Later, … Continue reading

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