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Burning the Journals

CLEANING OUT A CLOSET I come upon a stack of old journals, forgotten. And suddenly my cleaning-out decisions carry more weight. Easy were the choices involving card stock, photo paper, the odd envelopes. But this is something different. Buried treasure. … Continue reading

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The Shirt I Cannot Part With

🙂🙂🙂 TODAY I WORE while riding my bike the shirt I do not like. I do not like the fabric. Also the neck, the sleeves, the hem and the length. Plus it doesn’t go at all with my hair and … Continue reading

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When the First Two Carpenters Turned Me Down

WHEN the FIRST TWO CARPENTERS turned me down “Wouldn’t bother doing that. I’d just rip it all out and put in new.” my heart fell but not all the way. I rethought my vision YET AGAIN – only six years … Continue reading

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