Sunrise Service

No words lately, so posting random pics from my doings and wanderings. – Marilyn

I’ve not been to a Easter sunrise service in years,
but today I was with the Moravians before dawn. A treat!

“The most famous Moravian Sunrise Service in the United States is probably that of the Salem Congregation in what is now Winston-Salem, NC, held annually since 1772. More than six thousand worshipers gather before dawn front of the church to proclaim the Resurrection. The worshipers then process in silent prayer to the historic graveyard, or “God’s Acre”. Brass choirs from twelve congregations, totaling over five hundred members, play hymns antiphonally during the procession. The service concludes with a proclamation of faith and hymns of hope.” Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Fascinating Items in the News: Lego Jesus

lego Jesus

I laughed when I heard, but this is actually impressive – a Lego statue of Jesus. All white on the outside, but on the inside, it contains all the Lego colors. Click here for the brief story.