Hi! I was not raised to work in the creative sphere, but ended up writing and had to learn from scratch, working against my natural tendencies. 🙂 You’ve been forewarned.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A former corporate trainer and business writer, Marilyn now writes from her studio (the extra bedroom)  in Louisville, Kentucky. She produces feature articles and web content on leadership, technology, faith, grief, food, parenting and more. Her work has appeared in Moody Magazine, Leadership Journal, Guideposts, Upper Room and many other publications.

She credits a spurt in productivity in recent years to the folks at AT&T, who have managed to get her directory listing wrong for 8 years straight.

10 Responses to About

  1. Emily Webb says:

    Hey Marilyn! I am so thankful I found your blogsite! This is great!

    Even though you say you weren’t raised to work in a creative sphere, I think you definitely were, but just didn’t realize it! ;~)

    I love the idea about finding the next step and taking it!

    Thanks for sharing you with me!


  2. Suz says:

    “Marilyn credits a spurt in productivity in recent years to the folks at AT&T, who have somehow managed to get her listing in the phone directory wrong for 4 years straight.”



  3. April says:

    I don’t know why I just found this for the first time (not the blog but the about the author part), but I LOVE it!


  4. Heather says:

    OK, this is so you! I have missed our talks! I haven’t written anything in a while, but I have to say, your blog-site truly inspires me and fans that flame once again! I am so excited to have a break soon from work! I have a feeling I may need to go buy some new notebooks!

    Love you, Marilyn! Thank you!!! for being you!


  5. I only just found this part of the blog. It was so interesting to find out more about Marilyn!

    I once enjoyed taking the same course twice at Write! Canada, because it was you teaching it. Also because I had a lot to learn!

    I have never forgotten the principles you taught (hearing them twice helped.) Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us in Canada!


  6. You bless, kind friend…
    Very, very grateful…

    All’s grace,

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  7. April Nelson says:

    I just found your blog from a comment you left on jumping tandem. Haven’t seen much of it yet, but I like what I see.


  8. amanda says:

    Your tagline caught my attention, “Fighting procrastination, or at least thinking about it” — the story of my life! Best to you~


  9. Wonderful site with such clarity and purpose. I’ve been blogging a year this month and have decided to go for it! In high school I loved to write poems and essays as well as write stories for my news paper. I am putting myself out there, its a little scary and liberating at the same time.

    Thanks for such am inspirational site and I look forward to following you!


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