Upon Finishing “The Road to Character” by David Brooks

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The achievement machine rewards you if you can demonstrate superiority – if with a thousand little gestures, conversational types and styles of dress you can demonstrate you are a bit smarter, hipper, more accomplished, sophisticated, famous, plugged in and fashion-forward than people around you. (p. 253)

When I read this about living in a meritocracy,
where value is measured by one’s talents and achievements,
and self-esteem is based on the approval of others

I think of the friend
to whom
nothing comes as news.
Whatever it is,
she already knows it
or saw it coming.

Note to self: Avoid this behavior.

About Marilyn

Reading, thinking, listening, writing and talking about faith, creativity, ESL for refugees, grief and finding the story in a story. Student of Spanish. Foe of procrastination. Cheez-it fan. People person with hermit tendencies or vice-versa. Thank you so much for reading.
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