Becoming a Reader of Books

stack of books

IN MY FANTASY LIFE, I’M AN AVID READER of books. In real life, not so much. I tend to read a lot of short pieces – a lot of articles. I’ve made several attempts over the years to turn myself into a book reader – usually with good intentions and high-minded declarations – but it never stuck. Finally, I made a New Year’s resolution to read a chapter a day and I kept track, writing it down in my calendar. The habit is beginning to take hold.

Update: September. Am on my 20th book!

About Marilyn

Reading, thinking, listening, writing and talking about faith, creativity, ESL for refugees, grief and finding the story in a story. Student of Spanish. Foe of procrastination. Cheez-it fan. People person with hermit tendencies or vice-versa. Thank you so much for reading.
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One Response to Becoming a Reader of Books

  1. Katie says:

    Good for you Marilyn:)


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