Photo Exhibit from Anne Frank House

photo exhibit at library

There are gems to be had, often right under our noses.

AN EXHIBIT of PHOTOS taken by Otto Frank, father of Anne Frank, might not seem like much of a Play Project outing. Perhaps it’s more of an artist’s date. I’m not exactly sure of the overlap between those two, but a trip to any exhibit where my everyday thoughts are temporarily suspended feels like play to me. It may fit into the category of spectator play or even storytelling (because photos tell a story).

My favorite photos were those with children behaving as children, especially two with children in costumes, one boy imitating Charlie Chaplin. I rarely see images from 1940’s Europe of kids just being kids.

I asked permission to snap a photo and was told that pictures of individual photos are prohibited due to copyright concerns, but I was allowed to take a picture of the overall display. First thing on a cold Saturday morning, we had the place to ourselves (except for the librarian) and did not even use up the 30 minutes on our parking meter out front. (I suspect there is free parking in a lot on the north side of the building, but I’ve not been adventurous enough to go around, having, as I do, a fear of getting entrapped by a web of one-way streets and never finding my way out of downtown again.)

* * *

Anne Frank: A Private Photo Album (© AFF Basel / AFS Amsterdam) consists of 71 photographs compiled from the Frank family albums – many of which are rarely shown to the public. The collection is at the Jefferson County Public Library, Main Library on York Stret in Louisville, January 10 – February 27. The exhibit is made possible through grants to the Library Foundation from Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence and Jewish Federation of Louisville.

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