What was Once Impossible…

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Several of you wrote to inquire about Wally’s CLL and I wrote back to you. More may be wondering but didn’t want to ask, so here’s the update:

HE’s DOING GREAT! The clinical trial he qualified for in 2012 turned out to be a winner. I referred to it early on as ‘the PCI trial.’ It was later given its grown-up name, Ibrutinib. The Daily Mail has an article about it, “Doctors Hail Drug that Can Turn Off Cancer.” What a great title!

I know this isn’t the story for every cancer. Not yet. But here’s the thing: When Wally was diagnosed in 2008, CLL was a cancer for which there was no remission. THAT is changing. What was once impossible is now possible. 

I hope that helps you with your ‘impossibles’ today. It does mine.

Wally continues in a study of the long-term effects of this drug.


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3 Responses to What was Once Impossible…

  1. Juliana says:

    Marilyn I am so very glad to see you posting again and to hear about Wally and the trial he is in! I missed you my friend!


  2. bethhavey says:

    Sending our best to you and to Wally. John is doing great also. We will be at a conference with Dr. Jones in April.


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