Looking for Validation in the Wrong Places


Darrell Vesterfelt’s “Changing the Self-Destructive Narrative” talks about waiting for a pat on the back from other people by emulating them, by working hard to do the things they feel are important to do. It’s about looking for validation in the wrong places.*

This epiphany is one of the best wake-up calls of life!

A couple of years ago I went through my Twitter feed and found I was following an awful lot of people whose words kept me jumping and insecure. My head was full of all the things I OUGHT to do, not necessarily to improve but just to keep from falling further behind. And what about the project I was most passionate about? Hadn’t touched it in months. Too busy doing what everyone else said was important.

Is this you?

The remedy:
Rediscover your passion.
Carve out some time for it
by cutting back on some of those other voices in your life.

In the end, you will discover a validation others cannot give you…..and others cannot take away.

*My paraphrase of  Vesterfelt’s article doesn’t do it justice. Read it for yourself, if you have a chance.

* * *

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3 Responses to Looking for Validation in the Wrong Places

  1. Belinda says:

    This week I saw this quote and loved it. It seems a bit relevant to this post: “It is never too late to be what you might have been.”


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