A blogger quits, to write

I've been dying to use this photo somewhere.
I don’t want a file drawer full of unfinished manuscripts, all because I was too busy with…….what?

WRITER SHAWN SMUCKER is quitting blogging.
So he can get back to writing, he says.

While his blog has been a place that’s allowed him to work out his jumbled thoughts, it’s become a spot where “it’s difficult to find enough space to turn around.” You can read his post HERE.

It’s his intentionality that strikes me.
He doesn’t want another a year to pass in default mode, just doing what he’s been doing without stopping to think and consider.

I like this!

If there is one warning I give fellow writers, it’s this: Don’t let your feet become so entangled by the push for platform-building that the writer in you takes second place.

(Given, my leaning is more for the soul of the writer than his/her stats. Always. That’s my bent.)

The rise of social media has made this struggle 1000 times worse than it used to be because everyone has at his/her own fingertips the power to build audience with all sorts of tips and tricks and lures, and I’m not faulting any of it.

I’m just saying there are only so many hours in a day and so much creative peak time and there’s also a real life to live and people to care for and about. And if there’s power in the fingertips, it’s to tell the stories you’ve been given. Don’t trade it away.

Bottom line: There are only so many keystrokes in a day. How will you choose to use them?

There is no right or wrong here. What helps/serves one writer might be a total time drain with nothing gained for another. So let’s not get into that discussion.

I’m simply advocating for intentionality. For me, I don’t want a file drawer full of unfinished manuscripts of stories I know are mine to tell, unfinished because I didn’t take the time to stop and think about where my time and energy was going.

I hope you don’t either, my friend.

Wow,  this is exactly the kind of thing I like to get off my chest in my voice mail newsletter, but this time I typed it out. 🙂

* * *

BTW, check out Shawn’s books. He has some pretty interesting titles.

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