Intentional Relating/Forcing Myself Out


In the grey and dark of a November evening
I force myself out.
I need to be intentional about socializing relating.

And besides,
as an act of faith
that I would go,
I made oatmeal cookies midday,
when I was full of determination.

Reaching into the bottom of the scarves-and-gloves box
I discover the ear warmer with the little cables
I knit last year.
waiting there
like an old friend
ready to pick up where we left off
last March.

“I forgot all about this one!” I tell him.
And that seals it.

You know it’s bad
when a simple decision –
to go or not –
becomes too hard to make
and I rely on a plate of cookies and an ear warmer
to make it for me.

* * *

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