A Grandmother’s Reach

without my grandmothers?

Those women who lived so much of their lives by the time I was born,
they probably thought they were all done
making a difference in the world
but they would have been wrong about that.

* * *

MY SKIN now begins to look like theirs.

And now I, too,
cast a large shadow
over little girls
who cannot seem to keep their sun hats on.

* * *

I WAS FASCINATED by their arms
and how cushiony* they were to stand next to.
Everything about them soft, warm, nonthreatening.

THEY SEEMED SURE about the way a thing ought to be –
a cup of tea,
a piece of toast,
an apple peeled.

And if you didn’t drink all your milk,
you weren’t in mortal danger.
It was okay.
Everything was okay.

When I was very, very young
I wondered
if they knew,
if they knew things weren’t okay.

They cast their long shadows over me,
shadows that extend all the way to today.


*cushion |ˈko͝oSHən|noun •  something providing support or protection against impact. Derivative: cushiony adj

* * *

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