Peach Pie

PEACHES bought in Atlanta last weekend made 2 excellent pies, more peachy than sugary. I used the recipe from Annie’s Eats.

I feel like I’ve been traveling forever and now can’t seem to settle down and get my head back into writing. I will, though. I will.

The PEACHES were the size of softballs, I said, so when I got home I had to check. Close. Pretty close..

Annie’s PIE CRUST RECIPE is the perfect match for the filling.

SHELLS need to chill while waiting for filling. Squeezed for space in refrigerator, I had to use the deli and produce drawers.

FILLING, dotted with butter.

LATTICEWORK TOP. Ready for the oven.

PIE CRUST COOKIES. Some say they are the best part of pie-making, the little bites made from leftover dough.

FINISHED PIES. My dinner guests loved the pie – never got to see the cookies.

* * *

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