My Annoying Habit

NOTE TO SELF, made while in Honduras:
“There are some experiences you have to go away from home to get.”

Why did I write that? I wonder.
Which day?
Where were we?
What circumstances came just before
my reaching into my bag for my pen and paper?

I have no idea.
Maybe it will come back to me at 2 AM.

* * *

I left town again for 4 days
and came back.

But in the middle,
I made my first trip ever
to Urgent Care

It wasn’t as bad as I expected.
It was, in fact, quite nice
and fairly quick
and my condition was, yes, rather urgent,
a consequence of my Honduras trip,
a case of…..Traveler’s Tummy.

(This, by the way,
is what one of my grown nieces calls
“Aunt Marilyn-speak,”
a term I choose
to consider
a compliment, not a slam…
most of the time, that is.

I mean, if you have to be known for something in the family …..)

* * *

I HAVE BEEN ACCUSED over the years
of having the annoying habit
of needing to see the bright side of everything.
I admit to nothing,

I will say that
when they weighed me at Urgent Care
my weight
was exactly the same
as the weight I put on an insurance application a few weeks ago,
and what was the chance of that every being true?

There really are some experiences you have to go away from home to get. 🙂

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