My Doors Have Been Open for 63 Hours

My doors have been wide open, day and night, even when I’ve been sleeping…and not all of the screen doors have locks that work!

and we gather to tell our tales of discovering service has been restored,
the same way we gathered early in the weekend to tell our tales of disruption
and where we were when the storm hit.

I am warmed by all this –
evidence of
the need to tell,
the need to hear,
the need to know we are not alone.

* * *

MY WINDOWS AND DOORS HAVE BEEN OPEN – wide open – for 63 hours.

I’ve heard sounds
right outside my house
that I never before heard
while I was inside –
bird, crickets, sprinklers.

And voices!
Voices NOT coming from an electronic device.

* * *

NEIGHBORS have come up the walk
and called in,
“Are you in there?” or “Wally around?”

And by the 3rd day I could differentiate between voices so that, without bothering to get up to check the face, I feel completely confident calling back, “Come on in!”

I feel more radical and crazy than I have in a long time.

* * *

OFF TO WORK drove one of my neighbors early this morning. I saw him leaving, slowly, the slowest he has driven through the neighborhood since he moved here. And the look on his face!

“See that?” I said to Wally. “He doesn’t want to leave us!

* * *

I HAD A FEELING TIM HORTON’S REOPENED, so we went down there mid-morning to get coffee and bagels. When we returned the light outside the garage was on. The ceiling fan on the porch was whirring. That’s when we knew. That’s our tale.

The house was still fairly cool from the night lows brought on by last evening’s thunderstorm. I decided it was better to turn the A/C on and set it high – 78 – than to wait until later when the house is 92 and try to cool it.

I went around closing windows, one after another. And then the front door and the back door.

But when I came to the kitchen. I put my hand on the door and stopped for a moment, just briefly. Then, slowly and reluctantly, I pushed it closed, putting back in place a barrier I’m not quite sure I like.

Now that power has been restored, I’ll return next post to my “child of alcoholic” series.

* * *

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