Freezing the Top Layer of a Wedding Cake

Since  my “how-to” posts seem to be the most popular of all (which is a crushing blow to my artistic efforts and deep thinking, but I try not to let anyone know it), I offer this.

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THE KEY TO PRESERVING the top layer of the wedding cake so it’s both edible and attractive on the first anniversary is oodles of plastic wrap.

  • Remove any flowers, ribbons and cake toppers.
  • Freeze or refrigerate cake for several hours to allow icing to harden so it doesn’t get smooshed when you wrap it.  If there is cardboard underneath, remove it.
  • Double wrap: Wrap in plastic wrap, completely. No uncovered spots. No places for air to get in. Do the best you can. Then do it again a second time.
  • Place in box. Wrap the box in plastic, too. (After this, I also wrapped the whole thing in foil because I liked the look, but it isn’t necessary.)
  • Label it.
  • Put in freezer, preferably in a place where it won’t get jostled too much, a place with little traffic. Not near the ice cream. Near the frozen vegetables.

I got all the gunk out of the box before putting the wrapped cake back in.

An extra wrapping of foil made it look like a gift!

You might like to see a few photos from the the cake tasting last August.
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Photos by Marilyn
Resource: Your Guide to Freezing Wedding Cakes.

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