One Day until the Wedding

A decision about shoes must be made
so a suitcase can be packed.
13 months’ notice
and still it comes down to this,
the hour the suitcase is waiting to be zipped shut.

* * *

I’m carmelizing onions
for crockpot pierogies
so travel-weary guests
staying at my house tonight
will have supper waiting for them.

I won’t be here.
By then I’ll have made the shoe decision
and headed off.

* * *

Just before daylight
I wake
and my life unfolds backwards before me. . .

. . . through graduations
and teaching how to drive
and chauffeuring
and muddy shoes

. . . to toddler days,
my parents playing with the kids,
my own wedding day,
high school,
learning how to drive,
elementary school,
weekly trips to my grandparents’ house,
the little plastic cow Grammie Bess had,
the one with moveable legs that would walk down an incline.

All in an instant, backwards, this.

What would my Grammie Bess tell me today?
Good heavens, I must be near the age she was then.
I wonder, if we had been peers, would we have been friends?

I turn and look across at him asleep,
trying remember what he looked like when I married him.
It’s not difficult.
I don’t know what shoes I’m taking along, but I know that.

I hope he never looks over at me that way.

* * *

I rise,
start the onions,
insert a coffee filter in the pot,
measure out coffee,
the most routine of routine things.

It’s interesting,
how the mundane and the momentous
go hand in hand –
coffee measured in scoops,
memories in bucket loads.

There is plenty of half-and-half in the house.
(I know you are relieved to know this.)

* * *

I get the crock pot going,
write a note for my guests,
choose flats over heels
then sit to do something I rarely do, my nails.

Off we go.

One day until the wedding.

* * *

THANK YOU ALL for the marvelous emails this week!


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