Been a Year

BEEN A YEAR since Ma died.
A year. The blink of an eye.
How can it be both? But it is.

Haven’t yet found a bucket big enough
for all the words.
So many. And none.
How can it be both? But it is.

* * *

READING this week about Belinda’s trip home to England
and the chair that seemed to be waiting for her mom’s return from hospital
was timely,
making me think of this week last year.

* * *

A RED SATURN was in front of me at a stop sign today in town
and it reminded me of Mom’s last car –
the only one she chose and purchased all on her own, I think –
all the others acquired by Daddy.

I thought about that
until the traffic (such as it is around here  – 3 cars) cleared.

It went left.
I went right
and continued on.

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