Fear is a Leg Trap

I have at least two stories that have been given to me to write, but I don’t want to write them. Well, I do. But I don’t. And then yesterday there came a dog.

In the time it takes my bread to toast
I’ll write this.

WE GOT OUT of the medical center
in record time yesterday,
1:51 PM.

And this put us at the red light
halfway to the entry ramp
at just the moment
to witness

a scraggly dog in the high grass beyond where the mowing occurs
and two people crouched close by –

a woman
tearing bits of food
and tossing them toward the dog,
and a man
with a rope in his hands.

* * *

but I saw no trap
and he had complete freedom to move.

Over and over,
he came forward a step
then went back,
as if caught in a dance step
not of his own choosing.

Fear was his leg-trap.

I hoped the traffic light would stay red long enough
for me to learn the outcome. It didn’t.

* * *

the 2 gentle souls
crouching in the rain,
meant him well and not ill,
and I thought of the words from Jeremiah,
For I know the plans I have for you…
to prosper and not to harm…”.

How much I had wanted
to roll down my window
and say to the dog,
“Go with them, boy! Just go with it! Just go forward and keep going!”

My toast is ready.

About Marilyn

Reading, thinking, listening, writing and talking about faith, creativity, ESL for refugees, grief and finding the story in a story. Student of Spanish. Foe of procrastination. Cheez-it fan. People person with hermit tendencies or vice-versa. Thank you so much for reading.
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2 Responses to Fear is a Leg Trap

  1. I love how you framed this, Marilyn, beginning with getting out early and ending with toast. That drew me in.
    And my two dogs are better than any psychologist.


  2. Belinda says:

    Oh that poor dog, I am so glad there were kind souls there for him. I hope he felt your encouragement to “go!” I hope he found love and kindness and someone to give back all the love God puts into the skin of a dog.


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