Write it Anyway

It happens several times a week. I read someone’s story and wonder: How many times did they almost NOT write it because they were sure nobody would understand or care?

The question dogs the heels of just about every writer I know, but I’m here to tell you right now:

You just never know. WRITE it ANYWAY!

Dana Jennings

I read Dana Jennings’ blog post about how the spirit in recovery craves solitude THREE times last week, twice to myself and once to someone else.

An obscure and niche topic? Perhaps.

Did he wonder, as he was writing, whether anyone would understand or care? Very likely. But he wrote it anyway. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who got something out of it.

Yesterday I read a short piece by a young mother who just needed a little affirmation for something. That’s all. And she felt horrible for feeling that way.  Is there a mother who hasn’t felt that way? I’m sure she stopped partway through her writing, probably several times, and wondered if she should put her thoughts on paper for others to read or forget about it, but I’m glad she saw it through to the end.

Writing is an act of faith. (All art is.) Unsure of whether anyone will understand or care, you have faith that what you have to say is worth being said at least once, someplace. We don’t always know all the reasons. We may never know. Write it anyway.

* * *

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2 Responses to Write it Anyway

  1. You read my mind this morning. I was wondering why on earth to keep writing blogs when hardly anyone reads them….


  2. Excellent advice and I plan to listen to it this afternoon. Promise. 🙂


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