Was God Blinking?

If I'd known there was VALET PARKING, I'd have made the trip sooner!

If I’d known there was VALET PARKING, we’d have made the trip sooner!

WE TRAVEL THROUGH ICE AND SNOW to meet with a CLL expert and get his thoughts on our next step. (Click here for my first mention of CLL.) A worthwhile trip! But a bit of information overload. We came home with plenty to think about, so we’re having a thinking weekend.

(I won’t be writing here about the cancer – only insofar as it connects with the topic of finding and knowing the next step.)

It’s a temptation to look at the cancer or any other life crisis as a interruption/interference, as something taking us OUTSIDE where we were supposed to go, AWAY from where we need to be – to view it as a roadblock rather than part of the mix, directing the timing and doing of other ‘next steps,’ and in ultimately positive ways.

Maybe a person needs to be a person of faith to think in such terms, I don’t know.

* * *

WALLY TOLD ME a while back that he’d concluded the reason for his diagnosis was NOT because God was blinking. I liked the way he put that and it’s become a catchphrase for us. We remind ourselves that the CLL didn’t occur because God somehow got sloppy in His care of us.

As we ponder what’s coming next for the issue that’s moved to the top of our priority list, we can’t help but look across the landscape at all the ‘next steps’ we’ve seen for our other areas of interest and wonder how THIS one is meant to impact the others.

I wasn’t going to write about this, but I thought maybe someone has something going on that seems like SUCH an enormous or unfair interruption, and maybe needs to be encouraged to see the interruption as an essential part of the timing and outworking of everything else.

May you have peace! Go with it.

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