The World Has Gotten Too Noisy for Me

I’M leaving blogging and Facebook. The world has gotten too noisy for me and I want to concentrate on reading and writing and the people in my sphere. Those of you who know me from a class, a conference or other association know how to reach me via email or direct message on Twitter. And if you don’t, you can always click on the “EMail Me” button at the bottom of this page.

Thank you for reading. Love to you!




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BEST thing I read this week had the word ‘listen’ in it 4 times

lacing together

BIG week. Busy week. Noisy week. Sad week.

Week of words
hateful and horrible,
but also things thoughtful,
prayerful and powerful,
We are all in need of care
and knowledge of what to do.

The best, most helpful thing I read, the thing that keeps swirling for me, came from a young writer in an article for Sojourners.

The word ‘listen’ appears just 4 times.
I would have sworn it was more because
listening was laced throughout.
What she wrote applies to so many things.

  • Listen.
  • Don’t always jump in and add your opinion.
  • Educate yourself.
  • Stop talking about colorblindness.

Even now, I want to jump in
and add my thoughts on these things.
No need. I’ve added too many of my own words here already.

PEACE to all of you this weekend, friends!

For Our White Friends Desiring to Be Allies by Courtney Ariel

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Blogging, a Thing of the Past?


THE BLOOM is OFF BLOGGING, have you noticed?

My Feedly feed, which for years has brought me the posts of my favorite blogs has been close to empty every time I’ve gone there. For months! I first noticed it in February. Where there used to be 1-2 dozen posts waiting, I now find a single post, maybe two. I’m not trying to shame anyone. I’m not the blog police. I’m just making an observation. Blogging is down.

A digression: I tend not to subscribe to blogs directly because posts pile up in my inbox and get overlooked. With Feedly, I wait until my mind makes it’s daily turn toward reading, take my cup of something, then go sit and see what everyone is up to. I think I give people better attention that way rather than hastily reading (even worse, hastily responding) while between tasks. But everyone has their own system.

I HAVE A THEORY. The world got so noisy, people went silent. It’s rudimentary, I admit. What I mean is, people are reluctant to add to the noise. People hesistate expressing even a genteel opinion these days because of the discussions it may trigger. Why, I’ve seen people post some of the most innocuous things, only to have readers get into a brawl in the comments section. This is true on blogs, FB, Instagram, etc.

Anyway, blogging is falling by the wayside. Have you noticed? And, if so, what’s the cause?

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