Poem in the Works: “Unraveling”/part 3

…Nightly I picked up the needles.

Kitchen tidy, everything
the appearance of order.
It was then
heart and mind
tip-tapped along together
knitting the details
of all that had happened.

I had not anticipated,
not allowed to slip in,
that I’d be carrying along
on the back
the bobbin of estrangement
every row
every stitch.

Cables emerged,
twisting and turning.
so many my eye could not discern
where a braid began,
where it was heading
or how we’d come to this point,
until the weight was more than I could carry
and I had to put it down…..

I am working on a poem and not waiting until it’s finished to share it. It’s a very different experience for me. Energizing. Maybe I’m more of a risk-taker than I think. Maybe it’s just that my readers are a safe bunch. Maybe both.

Poem in the Works: “Unraveling”/part 1
Poem in the Works: “Unraveling”/part 2

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Poem in the Works:”Unraveling”/part 2

I posted the beginning of a poem a few days ago. Here’s more. I’ll put it all together when finished.

When the boy had said
“I wish I had an earwarmer like that,”
I went home
and cast about for
perfect pattern,
perfect yarn,
perfect color,
then set in place a plan,
a perfect time each day
to work rows
in multiples of eight.

It had been a year then
since I’d seen him
and it could be another year again.
Or less. Or more. Or maybe never.
I hung by a thread, never knowing,

but nightly I picked up the needles…

(to be continued)


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Poem in the Works: “Unraveling”

Something new today! I’ve been playing with a poem, trying to get it right. Not perfect, but at least coherent. I go back and forth between feeling it’s about to come together and tossing the whole thing out. But I’m not going to toss it out because while it may not turn out to be a great poem, I think it’s an important piece of a pretty good story. This morning while eating my oatmeal and reading yet again what I have written already, it seems right to put the lines I already have here, to set this part in place so I can move on. I’ll post more when it comes. Maybe I’ll have a finished poem at some point. 🙂 And who knows, but the whole thing may end up turned around on its head before I’m done? But I’m going to do this. Please don’t feel you need to edit or tell me how you would write it. I’m still too much in the early stage to hear that. But I want to put this little bit out there. Oh heavens, this intro is longer than what I’m posting!


I slide the stitches
off the needle slowly,
tug on the yarn
and watch the unraveling.

It feels like an act of violence. . .

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