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picture-8My mezzo-soprano friend, an influence on my seat-of-the-pants training in the ‘artist’s world,’ scolded me once for my tendency to schedule all my appointments and run errands early in the day.

“But I’m a morning person!” I answered.

“Yes!” she said. “And THAT’s the time you should be writing!”

She was right, I knew. I could write more – and better – in 3 hours in the morning than I could the other 21 hours of the day combined.

As it was, I would get my errands run, but never get around to writing. I was too tired. OR, having gone out for an appointment, I would wind my way over to the grocery store or run into a friend for coffee. Once out, I’d fritter away the better part of a day.

Failure to take responsibility for setting boundaries around one’s creative time is a major reason artists ‘talk’ about what they envision rather than actually doing the work. 

Granted, when my children were young, tasks had to be taken care of around their schedules with an eye to my energy level, etc., but THAT is a season (as much as it may not seem that way at the time) AND when you are raising children, THEY are the primary art to be engaged in. The nurturing and shaping of children IS an art…..but I digress.

Now I’m older and freer. Despite this, it is still hard for me to refrain from saying, “Give me the earliest appointment!” I keep working on it. Not every day, but on writing days, I try hard not to plan something else for the morning.

This is on my mind today because today is a writing day and despite my best efforts to schedule at another time, I have someone coming on a business matter in a few minutes. I feel a little like a person packed for a trip, sitting in the car with the engine running, but going nowhere. I’m eager to get to work, but need to wait.

Okay, the unavoidable does occasionally happen.

Do you know your peak creative time? Do you respect it? Is it an ongoing challenge?

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