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Easter Music

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On Mondays,  I share bits and pieces from my Gratitude Journal.

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I celebrated 35 years of motherhood! My oldest daughter AND my youngest daughter both had birthdays and they have been tremendous helps to me, esp. this last year. I can’t even begin to list all the ways, but they are both very good listeners and also provided good getaways for us.


There’s nothing like LIVE MUSIC during the Christmas season. I was happy to feel well enough on Saturday to enjoy another TubaChristmas. In case you’ve never had the chance to hear one, here’s a YouTube video of one in NYC from 2007.

Will you encounter live music at some point in the next few weeks? I hope so.

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Here’s an EXCELLENT SONG that we’ve sung in church several times in recent months, “Still” by Reuben Morgan. I hope you enjoy it. It runs about 4 minutes. (The rest is dead air time, just the sound of people milling about, but if you don’t get out to church much, you might like hearing that, too. It can be like music when you’ve been disconnected.)

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Found this musical treat on Belinda’s blog. For me, it turned out to be 5-1/2 minutes well-spent and it really helped me ponder my next step, which I am now off to take care of!

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