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Don’t Blink

Wasn’t it last week that this was just dirt?
Or 2 weeks ago at most?
And now look.
The sprouts are taking off!


My baby is getting married,
the one I had purely for fun.

In the blink of an eye
the time flew.

I think of the little sprouts I hang out with now
and try harder not to blink.

3 days until the wedding.

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proofs from a photo shoot
at The James,
where they are gathering
of clinical trial participants.

On our last visit
the bike, helmet and a selection of shirts
came along
and, after the appointment,
were allowed out of the car to play.

Proofs arrive
We look them over, make our choice.

And then we put them away.

We are in putting-away mode
this week leading up to the wedding,
clearing the decks,
putting on hold,
switching to OFF
the everyday thoughts and tasks.

and paint cans
and garden plans
and worrying about whether there’s enough half-and-half in the house
even while there are no humans here to need it
and we can surely go get some, if needed,
when we return
so STOP fretting about the half-and-half inventory, Marilyn!

Heard this gem a few weeks ago at the CLL Conference, from the Babylonian Talmud, that everything, even a funeral procession, stops to make way for a wedding procession. Seems right to me.

We are making way.
Four days to go.

Thank you for reading. I’ve disabled my comment box for the meantime, but certainly enjoy hearing your thoughts. Please feel free to email me, if you like.

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under her grade school team photo
and prepare to address invitations.
Looking forward.

Oh, there will be
extensive pen wrestling
(until the right one is found)
and practice
on pads of paper off to the side
and then…
…then I’ll fiddle some more
before putting pen to envelope,
holding my breath.

I glance up at the photo,
looking back,
remembering afternoons spent on gymnasium bleachers.
And then I return to task.

All this looking forward and looking back,
it’s all part of the process,
an important part.

All this pen and paper
in a quiet room
at the back of the house
is part of my
and turning
and looking back
and watching for her, looking forward, to appear,
to make the long trip down a short aisle
across all the years that have gone before.

Already for me,
the sounds of that day,
the first chords.
I hear them.

I am savoring every bit of it.

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My feet have come across this rug an awful lot in recent months, but it was only last week that I thought to take a photo of it. :-)

TODAY is #13 out of 13. We made it! The part of the clinical trial that seemed so impossible at first – 13 straight weeks in a row – ends today. And we go only once a month now for a while. I’ve selected a few photos that span the time.

(Next post I want to say something about the nurses.)

Images: beginning in color, arriving so early the waiting room is still empty, view from parking garage on an Oct morning, garage stairwell, garage elevator buttons, infusion bags, the Hope statue, wheels, The James, treats – my weekly Columbus Dispatch crossword and some Smarties my special patient gave me, November color under street light at 5, wreath on The James, dark arrivals – late November, more wheels, traffic going in, tree dressing and, my favorite of course, the cutting off of the wrist band at the end of each travel day.

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♥ ♥ ♥We are all aglow over a new granddaughter born this morning! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Our first LiTTle MiSS PiNK
arrived safe and sound Tuesday afternoon!

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See also: “Tickled Pink.”

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After My Royal Omelet

The hype of recent months
held little interest,
but I must admit …

when you’ve watched
since a boy was being held in his mother’s arms,
you have to be moved by the day he takes a bride.

Did you catch the anthem commissioned for the occasion, “This is the Day…”? Completely lovely and moving.

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